6 Reasons Why Sheesham Wood Is Best for Furniture

Sheesham wood bed

Since you have visited this page, it is fair to assume that you have a basic to an expert level understanding of wooden furniture and its features. Now think about the first time you decided to buy wooden furniture for your home. Most likely, you purchased a specific model because the salesman at your local furniture store convinced you to buy it. But, did you know, you could also buy superior quality furniture at half the cost of what you probably spent? We, at Wakefit, are committed to providing a practical idea of everything related to wood, and especially, solid wood beds. This blog is a part of our comprehensive series on wooden furniture, and why the Sheesham wood bed is an investment that you will cherish for life.

What Is Sheesham Wood?

Sheesham is a type of hardwood typically found in the Indian subcontinent and Iran. Unlike softwood, which is mostly imported from Scandinavian countries and Russia, Sheesham is locally grown, and therefore, cheaper than other hardwoods or most softwood. Ever since its discovery, Sheesham has been the most favoured choice of furniture makers for designing a solid wood bed. Its popularity is mainly because of its durability and reliability, making it almost equivalent to teakwood, albeit at a much lower price.

Advantages of Sheesham Wood

1. Sheesham Looks Classy

The color of Sheesham makes it an appropriate fit for any kind of room and nearly all types of furniture. The naturally interlocked grains make the color golden brown or reddish-brown, and the lustre and glaze which it generates after polishing add to the glamour. A Sheesham wooden bed with storage proffers an aristocratic dimension to bedroom decor. 

2. Sheesham Is Elastic

Sheesham wood, in its raw form, is extremely brittle. Carpenters dry it before carving it into various shapes like a wooden bed with storage, solid wood bed, doors, veneers, panels, and door frames. Once the natural air sucks out moisture from the wood, it becomes fit for carving. The characteristic elasticity of this wood makes it cheaper than other woods and is perfect for long-term use. 

3. Sheesham Is Flexible

Due to its elasticity, Sheesham wood responds well to delicate carving. Almost any kind of glue can be easily applied on Sheesham woodblocks. A Sheesham wood bed not only improves the visual appeal of your room but also reacts well to color and polishing. 

4. Sheesham Is Durable

Sheesham wood’s strength is primarily because of two reasons. First, it grows in saline soil, which naturally increases its density and makes it durable. Second, it has amazing qualities to resist termite attacks, thereby increasing the overall lifespan of wooden furniture. This is the reason why a majority of Indian homes prefer Sheesham furniture for their houses.

5. Sheesham Is Cheaper Than Many Other Varieties

In terms of comparison, Sheesham and teak are the two varieties which fall in the same category. Since the presence of natural oil in teak is higher than Sheesham, it is more expensive. Besides, availability of teak is limited in comparison to Sheesham, which also plays a role in pushing prices. Sheesham wood is cheaper partly because of its widespread availability and teak-like quality and longevity.

6. Sheesham Is Easy to Maintain

As a golden rule, wood requires more maintenance than other materials used to manufacture furniture. But Sheesham, because of its natural decay-resistant qualities, requires less maintenance than many other varieties. Remember the following things after buying a Sheesham wood bed or furniture, and it will remain beautiful for as long as you want it to remain so.

Maintenance Rules

  1. Try not to keep your furniture in the open where it may have to endure extreme temperature.
  2. Try to keep it away from water; the moisture content is naturally high in Sheesham wood and water will reduce its longevity.
  3. Polishing Sheesham wood furniture at least once every three years will significantly increase its life span.
  4. Keep the furniture free from dust. Use a soft cloth to clean the corners at least once every week so that Sheesham retains its lustre for long.


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