A Mattress Size to Help You Choose the Right Mattress Size for your Bed

Before we help you choose the right mattress size for your sleep needs, let us talk a little about how to measure the bed for the right mattress. Then, we will go into the various mattress dimensions available in the market for you to choose from. 

In this section we will be discussing how to correctly measure the bed so that you find the right mattress for it.

  • To get the right size, you need to get rid of all the bedding and mattress and strip your bed of them. 
  • A retractable measuring tape is needed. If you don’t find one that locks into place, then you can ask someone to hold it while you take the measurements. 
  • It is recommended that you keep a pen and a notebook handy to note down the dimensions. 
  • To begin, place one end of the retractable measuring tape at the right corner of the bed. Pull it to reach the left edge, and then lock it in place. Now measure the width of the bed. Note down your measurement. 
  • To get the length measurement of the bed, you need to place the tape at the middle top of your bed. Now extend the tape until you reach the mid bottom. Lock the measuring tape in place, and note down the measurement. You now have both the length and the width of the bed.

Finding the length and width measurements of your bed will help you decide what bed size to go for or which standard bed size suits your needs. 

Are you aware of the standard bed sizes that are available in the market, both online and offline? 

This section will help you understand these dimensions so that you can easily figure out which mattress suits your bed the best.

How to know which standard bed size works for you? 

  • Twin size bed dimensions

Do I need a twin size bed? A twin size bed is best for kids, or if you have a very small space, say school/college dorms, or a small city apartment. 

These beds are usually 39 inches wide. A narrow twin size bed clocks in at 36 inches. The standard length of this mattress will be 75 inches. 

  • Full size bed dimensions 

A full size bed, or what is popularly called double bed, is the same length as a twin size bed, that is 75 inches; however, the width of this bed is 48 inches, which makes it suitable for two people. 

Though two people fit into this, the bed is still not very comfortable as it only provides about 27 inches of personal space for each sleeper. Yet, if you need to choose between twin size and full size bed dimensions, we would suggest you go for the latter. 

If you are making a choice for a single person, then the full size bed works amazingly well. 

  • Queen size bed dimensions 

The third on our list of bed dimensions is the queen size. The bed is 60 inches wide. The length usually clocks in at 75 inches. A California queen size bed is longer by 4 inches. 

For a single adult sleeper, this is a brilliant choice. If it is for a couple, then too, this mattress is pretty spacious and works comfortably well. 

  • King size bed dimensions 

Typically, 72 inches wide and 78 inches long, the king size bed is for people who wouldn’t have anything other than the best. 

After reading this guide post, you need not worry about ordering the right mattress size for yourself. Once you have measured your bed, you can either have a custom-made mattress to suit the latter, or go for a standard bed dimension that works for you.