Are Folding Beds Good for Sleep ?

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A typical house is usually bought by a family to house its members. However, there may be instances when friends or relatives arrive for a stay-over. In such circumstances, there may not be enough room to accommodate the same. This is why purchasing a spare mattress, or a folding bed is a viable choice. Generally, a folding bed is a better recommendation as it comes with many benefits.  

What is Folding Bed?  

Folding Beds are portable beds that can be easily stored and set up for use when needed. They are exactly what their name suggests and can be folded when not in use. A good folding bed can provide a good and comfy feeling as equal to a normal bed. It is perfect in case you have an unexpected guest or visitors to the house to stay over. Moreover, it is easy to handle and can be carried along a trip or a vacation.  

Types of Folding Beds  

There are many types of folding beds that are available to purchase. Usually, they are not limited to one particular type and can come in variations. The most common ones are mentioned in the following.  

  • Stowaway – A Stowaway folding bed is the most common type of beds as it is used by many. It may or may not come with a mattress. However, it is comfortable and a good option for sleeping.
  • Army style – The Army Style beds have a basic sturdy frame that is fitted with a thin mattress. It is easy to carry around and they are convenient to store as well. These kinds of beds are usually suitable for camping.
  • Chest-cum-bed – This is the kind of bed that is ideal for someone who’s looking for an additional storage place along with a folding bed. The space in this type of bed is double the size of a normal folding bed. You can use it to store things, and the bed can be pulled out for use.
  • Sofa beds  – As the name suggests, Sofa Beds are sofas that can be used as a bed too. It acts both as furniture and as a bed in the house. Therefore, you can sit on it while watching TV or use it as a bed when needed.
  • Studio chair sleeper  – This one is similar to that of a Sofa Bed as it looks like a chair but can be used as a bed. This is a comfy chair from which the bed can be pulled out to sleep.  

Apart from these, you have the option for an Inflatable mattress as well. They are not exactly a folding bed but can be used as a substitute. This type of bed is preferential for use while camping. You may require an air mattress pump to inflate and deflate it. Some inflatable mattresses come with an in-built inflator.  

Benefits of a Folding Bed  

A folding bed offers some advantages in comparison to a regular bed. Some of these have been listed below. 

  • Cheap and Affordable –  Naturally, folding beds are a lot cheaper than normal beds. Therefore, it is a quick and cheap solution to accommodate visitors and guests in the house.
  • Saves Space –  Folding beds are easy to store and use less space. Therefore, you can utilise the space it would require for another normal bed for something else.
  • Portability –  Apart from saving space, folding beds can be easily transported from one place to another. Thus, it makes it a wonderful companion to take on trips or camping.
  • Easy to Set Up and Unfold –  True to its name, folding beds can be easily set up in a matter of minutes. When not in use, you can simply unfold it and put it away.
  • Durability –  Generally, folding beds are highly durable due to a sturdy frame. As a result, it can last for a long time.

Some premium quality folding beds can provide added benefits due to a stronger frame or comfortable design. Some folding beds may even have mattresses in it to accommodate a comfortable sleeping experience.  

Disadvantages of a Folding Bed  

Although folding beds offer various benefits, it does come with a few disadvantages. Thus, here are some of the problems you may face.  

  • Comfort –  Incidentally, the comfort of a folding bed may vary across different models or even prices. The presence of a mattress plays an important part in its level of comfort.
  • Sizes –  A folding bed comes in different sizes. Therefore, you have to be careful while purchasing one. You can find folding beds for both children and adults accordingly.
  • Daily Usage –  You cannot use a folding bed for regular use. The sturdy frame and mattress may not be healthy for your spine and body. However, it can be used occasionally.
  • Sturdiness –  The sturdiness of a folding bed hugely depends on its price or model. Thus, one model may be weaker while others may not.
  • Attractiveness –  In comparison to a normal bed, a folding bed may not look as aesthetically pleasing. You ideally should not replace all your normal beds with a folding bed.

In conclusion, a folding bed has both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is a viable option for when you have guests in the house or if you are going camping. You can find various types of folding beds available in the market for you to buy.