Are Wooden Bed Frames With Storage a Good Idea?

wooden bed frames with storage

Are you wondering if it is a good idea to go for wooden bed frames with storage? Do you think they will be heavier than beds without storage, and that might be a problem when it comes to cleaning the room or shifting houses? Are you confused about which bed frame styles to go for and which wooden bed design to choose for your bedroom? This post tries to answer all these questions and more! 

Bed is the most important furniture in the bedroom (that’s why it is called ”bed” room!). So when investing in one, you need to be really particular. You have to do thorough research, go through the features of various beds created by different leading brands to finally choose the bed of your dreams, literally! 

Today, we will give the most compelling reasons why wooden bed frames with storage is a good idea. We will divide it into two sections, where in the first one we will see why wooden bed frames make for the best bed frames, and in two, we will discuss why storage is necessary. 

Why pick wooden bed frames

  • They are sturdier 

Whether a bed is robust or not is a very good determinant of its quality. A bed that is not sturdy enough, is not worth investing in. Period. Which brings us to wooden bed frames. These last several generations because they do not lose their firmness. Even if these beds change several houses or rooms, they remain robust throughout. A little bump here or a little scratch there can do no harm to these long-lasting beds. 

  • They make no creaky sound 

Wooden beds make no squeaky sounds that metal bed frames are known to create. As a result of this, you will not be disturbed in your sleep when sleeping on a wooden bed. To improve this further, consider investing in a memory foam mattress for your wooden bed. These mattresses have excellent motion isolation features which means when one sleeper tosses or turns in their sleep, the mattress absorbs the motion created and totally isolates it so that the other sleeper is not jostled out of sleep. Together, the wooden bed and the memory foam mattress work to ensure you get the best quality sleep that there is. 

  • Number of finishes to pick from 

What makes wooden beds such a popular choice among sleepers is its ability to offer a plethora of finishes. The material is versatile as it allows you to match your bed with your bedroom each time you decide to change the color or the style of your sleep haven. Not just that you can carve a wooden bed the way you want. You can go for a simple design or the most intricate of designs depending on your taste, and your wooden bed with abide! 

Now that we have given you enough reasons why you should go for wooden beds, let us look at the storage aspect of it. 

Why go for a wooden bed with storage

The reasons why you should pick a bed with storage is: 

  • Helps you say bye to dust 

A hypoallergenic mattress is of no use if your bed cannot keep dust away. By storing your things in the bed, you prevent dust accumulating on them. Imagine storing all your extra bedding material in the bed, and saving them from dust and other allergens. 

  • Looks really sophisticated

Yes, looks matter when it comes to beds. A bed is the attraction, the showstopper, of your bedroom, and so you need to make sure they look good. A bed with storage looks distinct in terms of design. These look fancier and add a hint of style to your bedroom. 

  • Gives you more space

Let us now come to the practical aspect of storage: You get more space! In today’s modern world, we are all starved for space, and so buying a storage wooden bed would mean creating additional space for your things. This will also help turn your bedroom into a neat zone, which again, is known to promote sleep. 

What kind of bed do you currently use? Does it give more stability to your mattress? Does it have storage? Let us know in the comments.