Best Double Bed Online Shopping

double bed online

For everyone struggling at double bed online shopping, this bed buying guide takes care of everything. Here we will tell you the why, how, and what of the latest double bed design. By the end of this post, you will be ready to buy a wooden double bed online on your own. So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into this right now. 

Let us first look at different types of beds and then come to sizes. 

Types of beds

There are several types of beds, but we will look at the two most popular types: metal and wood. 

  1.  Metal beds 

Metal beds are usually preferred because they are affordable compared to other bed types. The other advantage these beds have is that you can easily move them around, so changing houses or rooms is not a problem at all. 

    2. Wooden beds

There are a number of reasons why people prefer wood beds and why it is the most trusted material for bed frames. Some of these include durability, sturdiness, versatility, support, and its natural hygienic quality. Because of these qualities, wooden beds make for better sleep solutions compared to metal beds. They also ensure no creaky sounds are made when the sleeper tosses and turns, unlike a metal bed. Squeaky sounds can disturb sleep and cause interrupted or poor-quality sleep due to disturbance. 

Let us now know a little about bed sizes, shall we? 

Bed sizes

According to sizes and dimensions, beds are characterised as:

  • Single 

The first and the small bed model is a single bed. It will measure 36 x 75 inches. It is good for smaller children until they get to high school. 

  • Double 

Next on the list is the double bed, which measures 54 x 74 inches. This is suitable for slightly older Chirodeep giving them extra space to spread out and sleep comfortably. 

  • Full 

Do not get confused between double bed and full bed when purchasing a double bed. These two essentially mean the same thing and measure exactly the same. 

  • Queen 

The next bed size is the Queen size, which measures, 60 x 84 inches. Two people can easily use this, so it’s a bed for a couple of two sleeping partners. 

  • King 

The ultimate bed for couples is the King sized bed, which measures 76 x 80 inches. For people sharing their with a partner, this is the ultimate bed to go for. 

It will give each of you a space of your own which is necessary when sharing a bed. 

Why should you pick a double bed? 

We will now look at situations or requirements for which one should go for a double wooden bed:

  • For an upgrade 

If you currently own a single bed and want to make an upgrade, then it might be a good idea to go for a double bed. 

  • More space

Space is necessary for people who like to spread out when they sleep, and so a double bed may be a better idea than a single bed. 

  • Single sleeper 

You should go for a double or a full bed instead of a Queen or King bed, if and only if you don’t have a sleeping partner and are using the bed by yourself. For two people, a double bed is not enough. 

  • Storage 

A double bed with storage is the best idea because of a number of reasons. Firstly, space that most modern apartments are starved of. Secondly, allows you to store extra bedding which otherwise would have gathered dust and made your room look untidy. Thirdly, storage beds are sturdy. 

Do you own a double bed? Does it have storage? What are its pros and cons? Share with us in the comment section. You can also give us a review of the bed you are currently using and if or not you want to upgrade.