Best Pillows in the Market for Winters

Best Pillow

A good sleeping pillow is crucial for good sleep. It has to align your neck and your spine in a straight line. It has to be supportive. However, it should also be comfortable, and should give you the fluffy feeling of sleeping on a cloud. A good pillow should breathe so that you don’t get uncomfortable at night. It should be hypoallergenic to prevent dust and mites from settling on or in it. But where can you get such a pillow? Where can you find the best pillow for sleeping position that you enjoy? 

Before we get into which pillows are the best for winters, let us help you understand how to pick the right pillow for yourself. 

Getting yourself the correct pillow 

Here are a few factors you have to pay attention to when buying a pillow: 

Choosing the right pillow is not easy. You need to pay attention to a number of factors. Firstly, what sleep position are you most comfortable in? Are you someone who sleeps on their backs, or are you a stomach sleeper? Or, do you wake up mostly on your sides? Knowing this is crucial when choosing a pillow for yourself. 

To determine what kind of sleeper you are, for the first few nights try various sleep positions, and then decide which one is the most comfortable. Try sleeping on your back for some nights, then go for stomach, then finally sides. See how you feel every morning. 

If you discover that you are a back sleeper, then you need an orthopedic pillow – one that is neither so soft that your head sinks and makes you feel trapped, nor so hard that you feel like you are being lifted up totally. In both these cases, your neck is likely to get strained. 

If you discover you are a stomach sleeper, then go for a relatively flat pillow. This pillow will help keep the neck aligned with the spine in a straight line. 

For side sleepers, the right pillow is one that is slightly firmer. This is because side sleepers need more neck support. To prevent waking up with neck aches, go for a pillow that is firm. 

But is there a pillow that would work for all sleeping positions and would also be a great pick for winters? Yes, there is!

Memory Foam Pillows 

What makes memory foam pillows a perfect choice for winters? 

Memory foam pillows conform to the shape of your head. As a result, you are given the ultimate support that you need. Also, the pillow absorbs the body heat and circulates it. This way you are warm, but not uncomfortable. The pillow is great for your neck and spinal alignment ensuring no postural defects are caused in you. They are hypoallergenic too. During winters, dust is prevalent. A good way of preventing dust from entering your sleep haven and ruining your health, is investing in a memory foam pillow. These pillows prevent dust from settling on it or entering in it. 

Our facial skin is more sensitive than the skin on the rest of our bodies. The facial skin is delicate and needs to be given extra care. This is even truer during winters. The pillow you sleep on should not absorb moisture from your skin and leave it dry. It should also not aggravate the dryness. Memory foam pillow will take care of both.  

Memory foam pillows also have other advantages that need to be mentioned. These pillows lift your head slightly, thus ensuring you do not snore. By lifting your head slightly, the pillow makes sure the air passage is not blocked and thus,  snores from the throat is prevented. Snoring is very unhealthy. It causes poor sleep, which further deteriorates your health. Snoring also makes sleep difficult for your partner. So do yourself and your partner a favor this winter and get yourselves memory foam pillows.

Winter is the season to sleep, and therefore, you need to make sure you have all sleep investments in place for a good hibernation!

What pillow do you use currently? What are its biggest disadvantages? Is it suitable for all weathers or is it season-specific? Share with us!