Best Relaxing Scents for Better Sleep

Relaxing Sleep

Sleep is more essential than before in today’s busy world. Here’s how the best essential oils with their relaxing scents can help you achieve those deep hours of sleep.

How smell works

As reported by Tuck, every time we smell something, the part of our brain that deals with mood and memory is activated. The olfactory nerve sends a direct signal to our limbic system and amygdala.

This is why we remember people and/or moments based on a particular scent, say the fragrance of jasmine, the smell of fresh linens, the aroma of a special dish, etc.

Aromatherapy is based on this powerful connection we have with a smell.

What is aromatherapy

A holistic healing treatment that uses the aroma of essential oils to enhance someone’s physical, mental, and emotional health.

Can aromatherapy help with sleep? Yes!

By using a variety of essential oils one can improve one’s sleep and even deal with acute insomnia. Essential oils tend to calm and soothe both the mind and the body, and in doing so, put one to sleep.

Let us have a look at some of the best essential oils for sleep or the best scents for sleep. 

  1.       Lavender oil

A popular choice of essential oil in the field of aromatherapy for sleep, lavender oil helps relax and soothe the mind.

According to a number of studies, using lavender scent for sleep enhances relaxation even among people with acute insomnia, and other mental illnesses, such as anxiety and depression.

Using lavender oil for aromatherapy reduces both physical and emotional signs of stress. It lowers one’s blood pressure as well as heart rate, thus creating a sense of calm, which in turn, is great for sleep.  

You can add a few drops of lavender essential oil in your bath water for better relaxation.

  1.       Valerian oil

Almost all the herbal teas that induce and enhance sleep contain valerian root. Many people even use valerian root as a sleep supplement.

Coincidence? Not really!

Valerian tea not only makes you fall asleep fast; it ensures a good quality sleep.

When you have slept deep through the night, you are bound to Wakefit and feeling energized throughout the day.

  1.       Bergamot oil

Bergamot oil, unlike Bergamot fruit which has revitalizing effect on the body and the mind, is known to soothe our system.

This essential oil tells the brain when it is time to sleep by lowering the heart rate and the blood pressure.

A study in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice reports that strewing essential oils such as Bergamot in your bedroom can help with insomnia. The positive effects of this study encouraged 90 percent of the participants to continue using the essential oil on a regular basis.

  1.       Jasmine oil

The sweet smelling Jasmine oil can help promote sleep.

According to research, this essential oil reduces restless sleep, and promotes a healthier sleep pattern. As a result, you are more alert and active in the day, which helps boost your productivity at work. 

According to a study conducted in 2002, jasmine essential oil beats even lavender in sleep benefits. Not just that, a study published in the Journal of Health Research concludes that jasmine oil when inhaled can positively affect our central nervous system. It alleviates our mood and improves the quality of our thoughts.

  1.       Roman chamomile

Chamomile is called a natural sedative and chamomile tea before sleep is a ritual recommended by experts. No wonder as an essential oil, chamomile can have such great effects on sleep.  

According to a research titled, Effects of Aromatherapy on the Anxiety, Vital Signs, and Sleep Quality of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Patients in Intensive Care Units, Roman chamomile oil can boost sleep and reduce occurrences of nightmares.

How many of these essential oils have you tried?