Best Storage Beds in the Market

Best storage bed

If you are planning to buy a storage bed, then you must have already researched about its benefits. However, let us do a quick recap, shall we? 

For people with a space crunch, a storage bed creates additional space. A storage bed gives you that extra space you have always been craving. You can store the extras under your bed so that you have more space in your closet for your clothes and shoes. That helps you stay organised and tidy, which in turn, increases your productivity by ensuring you are always on time. 

Storage beds ensure your extra bedding remains free of dust. When you store your extra bed sheets, bed covers, blankets, quilts, comforters, extra pillows, etc. in your storage bed, they remain clean and dust-free. This is particularly helpful for people with sensitive skin and eyes. Also, people who are asthmatic will find this helpful. 

Beds with storage also look really stylish. Solid wood storage beds can add an elegant charm to your bedroom. So they are not only practical, but also up the ante for your bedroom by becoming the centrepiece of your sleep haven. 

Best storage beds in the market

  • Sandon Storage Bed

A Sandon Storage Bed is a hoarder’s delight! This bed will take care of all the things you are not finding enough space to store, yet cannot throw away either. It is made of MDF. It has a walnut finish. It is constructed keeping struggles of modern living in mind. So it not only solves the problem of space crunch, but is also very easy to dismantle and reassemble in case you need to move it to a different room or change houses. 

To clean the bed, it is recommended that you avoid abrasive materials. Scrub pads are a no-no too. Just use a mild detergent and sponge to clean it. Also you need to ensure the bed isn’t close to the window in case there is too much sunlight exposure as it might lose its shine in such a case. 

  • Scott Storage Bed 

The next storage bed on our list is the Scott Storage Bed by Urban Ladder. This too comes with a walnut finish. Apart from the 1000 liters of box storage it offers, the other feature worth mentioning is the open and closed headboard. Because of this, you have the option of ditching side tables. Hence more space in the bedroom. 

This wood bed is engineered with high durability clamps to ensure it lasts a long time and does not make any creaky noise that might disturb you in your sleep. 

The wood bed is laminated to enhance its hypoallergenic feature. Therefore, it is resistant to fungi and other microbes. Also, it is protected from scratches. 

  • Wakefit Auriga Sheesham Bed with Storage 

A sheesham solid wood frame with a manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years, the Wakefit Auriga Sheesham Bed with Storage had to make to the list. The headboard is stylish and will add to the elegance of your bedroom. 

The bed comes with four compartments that can be used to store all your extra beddings, clothes, your kid’s toys, etc. comfortably. It is supported by MDF boards. It has a headboard that you can lean back on, literally, The other feature that is a hit among its customers is the bed’s easy maintenance. It is durable and easy to dismantle and reassemble, 

  • Solid Wood Slant Storage Bed

The Solid Wood Slant Storage Bed is made of solid Sheesham wood like Wakefit Auriga Sheesham Bed. It requires assembly. It need not be polished regularly since it comes with premium finish. It is suggested that you use coasters when placing anything too hot or cold on the bed. Placing such materials directly might affect the polish. Also clean the bed only with water to maintain its shine. Keep the bed away from direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight as it will ruin its sheen. 

If you are planning to buy a good storage bed online, then these four are your best options. What bed do you own currently? Would you like to review it for us?