5 Bedroom Necessities for Better Sleep

Bedroom essentials

Have you invested in a memory foam mattress yet? Do you own a memory foam sleeping pillow? How does the lighting in your room affect your sleep? Do you realize the importance of decluttering your room for better sleep? We help you with all of the above questions and more. Everything you need to know about bedroom decor ideas,…

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Indoor Plants That Help You Sleep Better

Plants help us in numerous ways. The oxygen we breathe is all courtesy them. Not just that, they ensure the ground beneath us stays intact by preventing erosion; they give shade; they give us food; they are just gorgeous!  But, did you know, there are several indoor plants that promote sleep? These plants help remove toxins from the air…

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How Does a Clean Bedroom Promote Sleep


Organizing your desk helps you focus better. A tidy closet makes you feel happy and helps you dress better. Similarly, can a clean bedroom help you sleep better? While having the right bed accessories, such as a supportive mattress, comfortable pillows, soft blankets, fresh sheets, etc. are essentials, keeping your sleep haven clean also goes a long way in…

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Tips to Make Your Room Sleep-Friendly

Bedroom design

There is enough evidence that shows the importance of a good night’s sleep. Apart from the proverbial beauty ritual, it also keeps several ailments at bay. An 8-hour bedtime can energize you to tackle the new day with a renewed vigor. However, there are times when an individual cannot get a good long sleep despite their best efforts. Do…

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Turn Your Boring Bedroom into a Sleeper’s Paradise

Bedroom Design

Do you want to transform your bedroom? Are you tired of the décor or the paints used in your bedroom, and want to give it a fun makeover? If your answer to both the questions is yes, then you have found your way to the right article.  In today’s post, we will be discussing all ways to strip your…

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Lighting your bedroom right, so you can sleep right

Usually people pay a lot of attention to their sitting room, while the least care is given to the bedroom since it’s a private space and no one will walk in. This is the biggest mistake some people make!  Your bedroom is your sleep sanctuary. Caring for the space means you care for yourself. The room has to be…

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