Does thread count matter when choosing a bed sheet?

When getting new sheets, a lot of factors need to be kept in mind. These include, whether you want a flat bed sheet or a fitted one; what material would you like to go for; what size suits you best, etc. 

A fourth factor that some people think is very important is the thread count of a bedsheet. 

What is thread count? 

The thread count of bed sheets is the number of threads that move across or traverse a square inch of the sheet. 

Does the thread count of a bed sheet determine whether it is high quality or not? Let us find out! 

Before we get into that, let us quickly skim through the types of bed sheets based on thread count. 

Types of bed sheets based on thread count 


  • Up to 250 


Since the thread count of a sheet is the number of threads running through a square inch of the material, if a 100 threads pass through it vertically, and another 100 go through it horizontally, that makes the thread count of the bed sheet 200. 

Bed sheets with a thread count less than 250 is usually not very soft, compared to a bed sheet with a thread count of 250 plus. 

However, as you wash this sheet, over time is turns softer. 

If you are buying a bed sheet with a thread count less than 250, be sure to touch it and feel its softness. Also, pay attention to its stitching. This will help you buy a low thread count sheet that does not compromise quality. Also, these sheets are less expensive compared to those with a higher thread count. 


  • Between 250 and 500 


According to experts, this is the most ideal thread count for a bed sheet. 

Having a thread count of 250 to 500 ensures that the material is soft and very comfortable. However, this only works in theory, as getting a thread that lies somewhere between 250 and 500 is very difficult for the manufacturers to obtain. 

So if you are buying a bed sheet that claims to have this thread count, be sure to check the feel of it yourself. Another thing you need to focus on while purchasing this bed sheet is the material used. 


  • Above 500 


A bed sheet that exceeds the thread count of 500 needs really fine threads, which theoretically means a softer and more comfortable bed sheet. 

To fit so many threads together, a manufacturer might twist the fibers in order to create plies. These plies than go into making a thread. When determining the thread count then, they do not count the actual threads but the plies that went into making the threads. This helps the manufacturer claim that they have a high thread count, since a higher thread count technically means greater quality. 

Having a higher thread count means a better bed sheet – this statement is true only sometimes, not always. Sometimes, a bed sheet that has a thread count of less than 250 and one that lies between 250 and 500, both pass the test of quality. However, the latter is way more expensive than the former. 

So when you are choosing a bed sheet, make sure apart from paying attention to the thread count, also look at the material, the feel, and the price of it. 

Was this helpful? What is the thread count of the bed sheet you are currently using? How comfortable is it?