Do’s and Don’ts of Decorating your Bedroom

This post talks about the basic bedroom don’ts of creating a sleep sanctuary

We start with what colors belong into the bedroom and which ones need to be averted completely. We then go through the importance of decluttering and tidying up the space. Next, we look at how you can have one quiet spot to practice a recreational activity of your choice. We move toward the importance of proper lighting, how many light sources to have, what kind of shades to have etc. Finally, we talk about the most important item in the bedroom: The Bed! 

Let us now delve into these points in detail. 

What “not to do” when decorating a bedroom 


  • Don’t add too many colors into the room 


Keep things simple. Adding too many colors into your bedroom will ruin the sleepy ambience that you intend to create in your room. 

Not just a few colors, be cautious about which colors you choose. Some hues are known to hamper rest, and therefore, should be avoided at all costs. 

The colors that you should go for include, light and soft pastels, such as blue, green, yellow, orange, and purple. Soft greys and chirpy cream are also welcome. 

Keep fiery colors out, unless you know how to balance it out with other accessories. The colors to avoid include red and black. 


  • Don’t clutter the room 


A cluttered room will never look good no matter what colors you put or how expensive all your furniture is. 

Keeping this in mind, stop treating your bedroom as a storage room. 

Clutter causes stress. It is an absolute no-no if you are trying to create the ultimate sleep haven. Some steps you can take to ensure your room remains spick and span include – 

  • Installing a proper closet organization system 
  • Folding clothes right 
  • Following the cantaloupe rule (Anything smaller than a cantaloupe should not be in your shelves) 
  • Having a headboard with built-in shelves 
  • Having a trunk at the foot of your bed where you can store on extra pillows and sheets, etc.



  • Don’t miss out on having one quiet spot for yourself  


Find a heart for your sleep sanctuary. In other words, a quiet space where you can do whatever that brings you joy and calm- for instance, meditate, read, color, journal, or just sit and have your cup of tea. 

If you have a window seat, then you can add a few cushions there, a small flower pot, and voila! You have created a quiet sitting spot for you to watch the world go by while listening to your favorite podcast! 


  • Don’t forget to pay attention to the lighting 


Dimming switches top the list when talking about lighting the bedroom right. The thumb rule to lighting is having three sources: general, specific, and ambient. Under general comes overhead lighting, under specific we have table lamps, and finally for ambient try decorative lights. 

Another thing to consider for good lighting is the shade of your lights. If you want a cold ambience, then go for white light. It is the brightest too. 

For something richer and warmer, go for a tinted shade like creamy yellow.


  • Don’t miss out on the centerpiece: The Bed! 


Some people put all their effort on to the secondary bedroom accessories, while forgetting the most important thing – your bed and your beddings. 

You need to pay attention to the type of bed you would want for your room. In terms of the frame, experts suggest that wood beds are much better than metal ones for a number of reasons. Some of these factors include – wooden beds are sturdier and easier to move compared to metal ones. Also, from the aesthetic point of view, wooden frames look way more gorgeous than metal ones. Sheesham wood beds are gaining popularity as they look good and come at affordable prices. 

For bed sheets, try fitted ones instead of flat ones. While flat ones work as a good top sheet, a fitted is way better when it comes to using as a bed sheet. This is because fitted sheets can be tucked in easily and they stay put throughout, thus maintaining the tidiness of the bed. 

You need to make sure you have the right blankets, comforters, or duvets for your bed, depending on the climate of the place you live in. 

Next, come the pillows! Memory foam pillows have been the sensation for quite some time now. These are good regardless of your sleeping position. This is because these pillows conform to the shape of the sleeper’s head and maintains the natural alignment of the neck to ensure no pain is caused. 


These are the five “don’ts” you must pay attention to when doing up your bedroom. For more on bedroom basics, stay glued to this space.