Easy Decor Ideas To Make Your Bedroom Look More Spacious

Bedroom Decor Ideas

Have a small room and think you cannot make it look spacious and chic? If you need ideas on how to give your room a make over, you have come to the right place. 

Here we tell you both about the dos and the don’ts to make your small room look more spacious. These simple tips go a long way in giving the bedroom an illusion of space, while still keeping the coziness alive. 

Here are 10 easy bedroom décor ideas to give your small room the big style it deserves.

  • Don’t use dark colors 

Dark colors make your room look smaller. Instead go for bright hues that make the room look spacious and airy. 

Try pastels. Pick light shades of purple, blue, green, orange, and yellow, that apart from making your room look big, give it a happy vibe too. 

Here’s letting you in on a secret. These colors also help with sleep. Using these colors and lightning your bedroom right will ensure you fall asleep faster ad have deeper healthier sleep. 

  • Don’t keep your bed in the middle of the room 

Nobody keeps baby in the corner, but for the bed, it is the best idea ever when you have a small room. 

By pushing the bed up against the wall, you will be creating so much space to move around in. 

  • Become a fan of minimalism 

 No matter how big the bedroom, if it is cluttered, then it is no good. 

The lesser things you keep around in your room, the more spacious your sleep haven will look. Only have things in your room that serve a purpose and/or mean something to you. 

Using built-in for storage is a genius way to make the bedroom look way bigger than it is. 

  • Use mirrors

This is an optical trick, but it goes a long way to make your room look more spacious. 

Try positioning a body length mirror at the opposite end of the windows, and see the magic for yourself. 

  • Use the right wallpapers 

Usually wallpapers are advised against since they might make the room look smaller. But if you use the right ones, they do just the opposite. 

Use a small space to use the wallpaper though. Say the wall behind the bed. Try a fun print that does not have too many elements. Make sure the colors too are light and bright, and not dull and dark. 

  • Go monochromatic 

The best way to make your room look bigger is to create illusion of fluidity and space. Monochromatic paint can do wonders to your small room. 

Here’s the idea: when you use different colors in your room, or say you use opposite colors in your room, you will be creating segments and sections, which invariably make your room look less spacious. 

When you go monochromatic, on the contrary, you will make it look more fluid and flowy, hence more spacious looking. 

  • Have a low bed 

While you need to do away with tables and chairs from your room, because it is already small why make it look cluttered, right? You obviously cannot do away with your bed. Or maybe you can! 

Instead of getting a bed, have your mattress placed on the floor. If that doesn’t sound like a great idea for you, then get a low bed, and immediately see how your room looks bigger than before. 

  • Furniture with exposed legs 

This one’s an interesting idea! Again an illusion, by having furniture that has exposed legs, you create the idea of spaciousness. 

Just one thing you need to make sure is that the area under the furniture, which is visible, is absolutely empty. Don’t clutter that, actually don’t have anything there. 

  • Try mount shelves 

If you have a lot of books and/or picture frames that are close to your heart, and therefore cannot be dumped into the store room, try mount shelves. 

You again need to be very careful that the shelves are color-coordinated for the room to look airier and roomier. Shelves of different colors or patterns make the room look small.   

  • Cantaloupe rule 

Have you heard of the cantaloupe rule? Well, according to it, the decorations you use in your room should never be smaller than a cantaloupe. So, use very few decorations and only those which are bigger than a cantaloupe. 

Pro-tip: Never fill your shelves completely with a lot of things. It looks cluttered, making the overall space look small.

It is always good to keep your room tidy and organized. When it comes to a small room though, it becomes mandatory. A little bit of mess gets amplified and looks like chaos. So, no matter what, keep your room spick and span. 

Most of us have small bedrooms now with space becoming a big issue. But that doesn’t mean we don’t get to decorate our sleep havens, right? With these simple bedroom decor tips, anyone can easily make their rooms look bigger, brighter, and airier.