Feng Shui Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

bedroom colors

Can Feng Shui help you sleep better? Does the placement of your bed affect the quality of your sleep? Do your bedroom colors affect how quickly you sleep and how long you stay asleep? Let us find out in today’s post and give you the ultimate bedroom makeover rules. 

Bedroom rules of feng shui

Feng shui has all the rules in place to create the perfect bedroom for you. Following these rules, according to believers of feng shui, can help you improve your sleep and your overall health. One common rule of feng shui is to keep the bedroom as decluttered as possible. Clutter is the symbol of chaos. It creates anxiety in you and prevents you from getting healthy sleep. A messy area will also prevent good flow of energy, and therefore, you are likely to feel more lethargic, which further causes poor quality sleep. Therefore, keep the space decluttered and tidy. 

Where should you place your bed 

Now that we have covered the cluttered bit, let us move on to the placement of the bed. According to feng shui, you should place the bed in such a way that your head falls toward a wall, that too an opaque and solid one. The other option is to sleep with your head toward a wall that has a window. Make sure the window is closed. This will lower the Qi movement or energy movement, thus giving you a healthy sleep. Make sure your bed is as near as it can be to a wall. This also helps create more space in the room, making movement easier which is essential to keep the room clean. 

Which bed should you invest in 

According to feng shui, it is best to go for a solid wood bed. This is because the wood element is considered as the symbol of support, and it protects the energy of the body when the person is sleeping. 

Even if you didn’t believe in the art and science of feng shui, wooden bed frames are considered superior to other types due to a number of reasons. For instance, wooden bed frames are sturdier. They support the mattress better, which in turn supports your body during sleep. A wooden bed also lives longer. It is usually passed on from one generation to another, that is how durable it is. The third reason is from the aesthetics point of view. A wooden bed frame looks way better than other bed types. Also, the variety of designs that it allows, from the simplest to the most intricate, you can do anything with wood. Wood can be stained too, which means you can get the shade of your dreams, and keep changing it to match the style of your bedroom.

What bedroom colors should you pick 

So far we have discussed the need for tidiness, the placement of the bed, and the type of bed frame to go for. Let us now look at the bedroom colors that feng shui suggests for good sleep. 

According to experts, colors, such as red, black, dark purple, etc. should be avoided in the bedroom. These colors do not allow your mind to rest. In fact, some of them can even trigger anxiety and restlessness in some sleepers. To keep your space calm, go for colors like white, light pastels, muted pinks etc. When buying your bedroom accessories too, go for muted shades instead of colors that trigger your emotions. 

What should one do about mirrors 

Feng shui pays great attention to mirrors because according to it, mirrors can wreak havoc on one’s energies if not placed properly. If you go the traditional way, feng shui suggest not having any mirror in the bedroom. This is because mirrors reflect light thus creating yang. This will make it difficult for you to fall asleep. 

A more modern way to this would be have a mirror inside a closet, which you can close as and when. This will prevent yang from building up, thus keeping the room environment still and relaxed. 

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