Fitted Vs Flat Sheets: Know the difference!

Planning to get yourself some new sheets? Before choosing between fitted and flat bed sheets, find out how they are different. 

Not just that, when choosing between the two, there are several factors that you need to keep in mind to understand which type suits you better. For example – Do you feel hot when you sleep? Do you find the task of making your bed too tedious? Do you hate it when the bed sheet gets creases? 

These questions become very important when selecting a bed sheet type that will suit you. 

But before going through these, find out the basic differences between flat bed sheets and fitted bed sheets. 

Fitted vs flat sheet: What is the difference 

What is a fitted bed sheet? 

A bed sheet with elastic on all of its four sides is called a fitted bed sheet. It could also have elastic sewn only on the four corners or on two of its sides. 

If you are trying to purchase a fitted bed sheet, and all you find is a bottom sheet or a contour sheet, then don’t get confused. These are just two other terms used to refer to a fitted bed sheet. 

For those who want a smooth sleeping surface at all times, the fitted sheet tops the list of bed sheets. Since the sheet has elastic on it sides or on its corners, it is tight fitting. This means it will not slip or come off, and will therefore stay tidy throughout. 

What is a flat bed sheet? 

Also known as a top sheet, a flat bed sheet is a regular bed sheet. It is a rectangular piece of cloth with no elastic on its sides or even in the corners.

Most of us know how to put flat bed sheet on, and therefore we know that though this allows you to tuck the bed sheet the way you want to, people find it more of a hassle. Tucking it in and tucking it out can become time-consuming, time that you can spend doing something way more important. 

Some people even buy a fitted bedsheet if they already have a flat bed sheet. They use the fitted sheet under the top sheet. And use the top sheet just as a cover to keep themselves warm. It is easier to use a top sheet as a layer or a blanket top compared to fitted bed sheet. 

Differences between fitted and flat bed sheet 

Though both the sheets help cover the mattress, they serve different purposes and can be used differently. However, if you want to pick just one, then you need to know the basic differences to make a good choice for yourself. 

Fitted sheets are easy to tuck in since they have elastic bands at the edges or the sides. Flat bed sheets have no elastic sewn on the corners or the sides, and so making the bed with a flat bed sheet can be tiring. 

Flat bed sheets come off easily when someone sits on them. Fitted bed sheets stay put due to the elastic. As a result, your bedding remains tidy and neat throughout, without any creases. 

Because of the differences between the two, people use flat sheets as top bed sheets and fitted sheets as bottom bed sheets since the latter allows a neat plain surface while the former can be used to cover yourself on colder nights. 

People nowadays prefer using both the sheets as it completes the bedding. They use the fitted bed sheet to cover the mattress (or the mattress protector), and then use the flat sheet on top of it. 

During cold months, one might cover the fitted bed sheet with a blanket, and then with a flat sheet cover the blanket. 

Some people, on the other hand, find this entire process too cumbersome. Having a fitted bed sheet and then again covering the sheet with a flat sheet seems too time consuming and tedious. So, they go for a fitted bed sheet only, since it requires very little time to tuck it in or tuck it out, and it stays tidy and put all the time, unlike a flat bed sheet.