Box storage vs Hydraulic Storage

Box storage vs hydraulic storage

Are you planning to buy a bed? If so, then you must have already realised that a lot of choices need to be made before picking the bed that will suit all your needs and will last a long time. Some of these factors include – the size of the bed, the type of wood used, the design of the headboard, and whether it offers storage or not. When it comes to the storage factor, there are two popular types that you will have to pick between: Hydraulic storage beds and boxed storage beds. 

In today’s post we will discuss these two types of bed storage and if one of these is better than the other. 

But before we get to that, let us talk a little about why storage is important.

Beds with storage 

People nowadays prefer beds with storage. There are a number of reasons for this preference, the two most common factors being – 

Maximises space 

There is a space-crunch today. Most bedrooms in modern apartments are tiny, and therefore, people are constantly looking for smart solutions to maximise space. A bed with storage is one such solution. It allows you to keep your room tidy and organised, which is also known to promote sleep. 

Pro-tip: Sleep experts suggests that the space under the bed should be used to store only items related to sleep. Storing things, such as books or files or clothes etc. can in fact hinder sleep. Therefore, try to use the storage offered by your bed to keep articles of sleep like extra bed sheets, bed covers, pillows, duvets, blankets, etc. 

Reduces clutter 

A storage bed, by helping you organise better, will allow you to declutter. If you are using the space under the bed to store your extra beddings, then you can use the closet for other things. Thus, the overall room is tidier and easier to maintain for you. 

An organised and clean bed helps you go about your everyday routine with ease, thus improving your general productivity. 

Now that the reasons are out of the way, let us look into the two types of storage beds and their features. 

Hydraulic storage 

A hydraulic storage bed has a top lid that can be lifted completely. Once the lid is lifted, you can store your things. 

These beds usually come with track rollers or handles, which tend to stop working after a while. To open such a bed then, you will have to hold the lid which means, the weight of the lid and the weight of the mattress has to be balanced by you while storing your things, which can be quite a pain. Also, because of this, it is best to store such things in a hydraulic bed which don’t need to be taken out very often. Thus, storing extra bedding materials here can be a problem. 

The other problem with hydraulic beds is that they are very tough to move around. These are bulky, and can be a troublesome if and when you change rooms or houses. Even while thoroughly cleaning the house, every year, moving this bed will be a challenge. 

The other discouraging thing about beds with hydraulic storage is that they are usually more expensive compared to other types of beds. 

Box storage

Beds with box storage reduce the problem caused by hydraulic beds by a quarter. This is because the bed is usually divided into two or four parts. This means you will be holding one-fourth of the weight you were holding for a hydraulic bed. This makes it easy for you to store your bedding material here as it isn’t much of a hassle to take your things out and put new things in. 

Since the storage and removal of things need to be done manually, therefore, there is no chance of hardware malfunction. 

The third advantage that box storage has over hydraulic storage is that it helps you compartmentalise, and thus store more efficiently. 

Do you own a storage bed? Which kind of storage do you have – hydraulic or box? What kind of problems have you faced so far? Let us know. Also read here to know what should you consider when planning to buy a storage bed.

That’s all for today’s post. Happy bed shopping!