Ideal Temperature for Your Bedroom

Sleep Friendly Room

Is there an ideal sleeping temperature for your bedroom? Is there a temperature which is the best temperature to sleep in? Are our sleeping patterns related to the temperature of the room or of our body? In today’s post, we will answer all of these compelling sleep questions, and shine some light on what is the ideal sleeping temperature. Are you ready to dive in? Let us do this! 

The connection between temperature and sleep 

Before we get into the ideal sleeping temperature of your bedroom, let us understand the relationship between sleep and temperature, that is body temperature. When the sun sets, the temperature of our body begins to drop. Not many people are aware of this, but this is crucial for good sleep. The brain, actually a part of the hypothalamus, triggers the release of melatonin, a hormone that helps with sleep, when the temperature of the body starts to fall. This hormone is what allows us to let our guard down and prepare for sleep. This is also the reason why various posts on healthy sleep tips suggest the sleeper to take a warm shower before bed. But why a warm shower? Let us explain. When you jump into a warm shower or take a warm bath, your body’s temperature rises, that is true. But when you step out of the shower or dry yourself up, the body temperature begins to fall faster than it does normally. This enables the hypothalamus to release melatonin faster, and therefore you fall asleep faster. 

Ideal temperature for your bedroom 

Since it is necessary to cool the body down, and keep it cool throughout the night for sleep, it is natural that the ideal temperature of the bedroom has to be somewhat low. Yes, you are absolutely right! The best temperature for your sleep haven, according to experts, is as low as 16 degrees centigrade. In case you feel very chilly, you can keep a comforter close by that you can wrap yourself in when you feel slightly chilly. 

Investing in the right mattress 

The temperature of your bedroom is not the only thing that contributes to good sleep. A proper mattress that is constructed optimally to give you the right support and comfort, is crucial for good sleep. A memory foam mattress is definitely the best choice considering its ability to adapt to the sleeper’s body shape, the ability to distribute the sleeper’s bodyweight uniformly, to prevent pressure points, to offer motion isolation etc. There is a temperature-related factor also that you need to consider when investing in a memory foam mattress. The traditional memory foam mattress tended to get heat up during the night. This was because the mattress would absorb the body heat of the sleeper and then trap that heat. As a result the mattress would overheat under and around the sleeper, causing the sleeper great discomfort in sleeping. Considering this, and realizing the fact that a sleeper needs a cooler environment to fall asleep and stay asleep in, memory foam mattress brands decided to incorporate one or the other cooling technology into its design in order to ensure that the sleeper sleeps comfortably through the night. These cooling technologies include gel memory foam layer, heavy quilting of the memory foam mattress, cooling crystals sprinkled across the layers, and memory foam layers with open cell structure. These cooling technologies ensure that the body heat of the sleeper that is absorbed is not trapped by the mattress, but instead circulated through the layers so that the sleeper gets adequate heat ventilation.

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