Is Sheesham Bed a Good Investment? Know More

Best sheesham wood bed

When buying anything new, we are apprehensive about the investment, even if it is something as small as a lampshade for the sitting room. Therefore, it is quite understandable that people are worried about investing in a bed, because that is a big investment, and getting it right is extremely important. We understand that, and therefore, here we are to help you make a suitable choice for your bedroom and for your sleep. 

A Sheesham bed is a popular choice among sleepers, and there are valid reasons for it. We will be looking at all of that one by one in today’s post. 

Do you sometimes wonder why the beds that our grandparents used stood the test of time? The main reason obviously is the quality of whatever went into making the bed. First of all, the beds were made of wood, which itself has several benefits, such as durability, longevity, hypoallergenic quality, style, among other advantages. Secondly, these were not made from engineered wood which is usually cheap and short-lived. Sheesham wood offered to be a great alternative to such flimsy wood. 

Sheesham wood bed also is the best storage bed. So if you are planning to get your wooden bed online, we recommend going for a Sheesham wood bed. A storage bed is something that people living in modern apartments absolutely cannot do without because of the space crunch. Also, by minimizing the clutter around, you improve the look of your room and also your mental health. A storage bed is also a great way to manage extra bedding materials well, keeping them dust-free and organized in one place so you don’t have to look for it every time there are guests in the house. 

Sheesham wood is long-lasting, and therefore, you need not worry about replacing it. It is an affordable wooden bed, and yet, it offers great colours and styles that you can choose from. The shade availability makes it a great bed choice for many people. The wood is also carving-friendly, and so you can go for a headboard as intricately designed as you want. A bed is the central piece of the bedroom apart from being such a necessary investment in terms of health. Therefore, if you want an intricate that will stand out and add to the sophisticated look of your sleep haven, then go for a Sheesham wood bed and you will have no complaints. 

Maintenance of a solid wood bed, particularly Sheesham wood furniture, is extremely easy, which is one of the biggest reasons why sleepers around the world love it so much. All you need to do to clean your Sheesham wood bed is get some clean cotton and dip it in a detergent diluted with a lot of water. Make sure the mixture is really mild or it might tarnish the wood. Now squeeze the cotton or the sponge whatever you are using, and get completely rid of all the excess water. Using the cotton wipe the wood, ensuring all the hidden corners are also taken care of. Now use a clean dry cloth to softly wipe your bed. This is done to ensure no moisture is left on the bed’s surface as it might compromise quality. 

Apart from these reasons, a solid wood bed also serves well for the sleeper’s spine. Not many people know this, but the mattress that you use is not the only thing you should be worried about when working on your posture or ensuring that your back pain does not worsen. The quality of your bed also plays a vital role in it. A Sheesham wood bed partners with the mattress to ensure that your body gets the necessary support during sleep. Your mattress’ ability to distribute your body weight and make sure heavier parts of your body are given more firmness while the lighter parts are given adequate support, is also further enhanced by the bed you are using. A wooden king size bed is, therefore, not only a luxurious purchase but also an investment in your health. 

What type of bed do you currently own? What are its cons according to you? Share with us in the comments.