Lighting your bedroom right, so you can sleep right

Usually people pay a lot of attention to their sitting room, while the least care is given to the bedroom since it’s a private space and no one will walk in. This is the biggest mistake some people make! 

Your bedroom is your sleep sanctuary. Caring for the space means you care for yourself. The room has to be designed and decorated in a way that is conducive to sleep. One important factor while doing this is focusing on the correct lighting. 

There are a number of things to consider while lighting your room. From the basic lighting and task lighting to accent lighting, everything needs to be looked after.

Let us delve deeper into these three types of lighting to get a better understanding of them.

Basic lighting 

Even for people who do not spend a lot of time in their bedroom, considering basic lighting is crucial. 

Your basic lighting does not have to be too bright. In case it is, then consider getting dimmer switches, because you don’t want the basic lighting to ruin the ambience of your bedroom. 

Natural light counts as basic lighting too. If you can, then have a lot of sources of natural light, such as huge windows that let the sun rays in. 

Task lighting 

If you have a work space in the bedroom, then task lighting becomes significant. This also applies for dressing tables, reading corners, and in front of the closet etc. 

These can include bedside lamps, study lamps, floor lamps, spot lights, etc. 

Accent lighting 

Whether you call them accent lighting or mood lighting, when considering to create the right ambience in the bedroom, this becomes the most important of the three lighting types.

Imagine you come back home after work, go to your bedroom and switch on the basic lights to find your way through. Then you turn the task light on and get changed. Now you switch these off and turn on your accent lighting, such as fairy lights, candles, and/or uplighters, and have some light music to go with it. Feel relaxed already? 

Accent lighting sets a calming mood for your bedroom, and so, should not be neglected at all. 

Now that we have gone through the three main types of lighting for your bedroom, let us talk about a few factors that need to be taken into account when playing with lights. 

  • The size of your bedroom 

When trying to light your bedroom right, you cannot consider the bedroom size. 

Every corner of your room needs to get some light. So the basic lighting must illuminate the entire room to some extent. However, every corner should not have an accent light of some sort to give the room the look of ample lighting because it takes away from the subtleness that you are hoping to achieve. 

Not just the number of accent lights, but also the size you go for matters. Make sure the size of these lights are proportional to your bedroom size.

  • The theme of your bedroom 

The colors in your bedroom, from the paint on the walls to the colors of the shelves etc. have already established a particular bedroom theme to your sleep haven. When lighting your bedroom, therefore, you have to make sure the lights are complementary to this theme. 

For example, if you admire minimalism, and your bedroom is reflective of that, then your lighting too must be minimalistic. 

  •  Invest in dimmer switches 

As mentioned earlier, it is necessary you have dimmer switches for your general or basic lighting. This ensures you do not ruin the ambience that you have worked so hard for by investing in the correct accent lights. 

Having dimmer switches for your basic lighting can in fact turn the latter into accent lighting too. 

  • Correct placement 

If you are going for light fixtures, then make sure they are placed high enough. The light from this should reach all the corners of the room, and so you need to make sure there are no blockages to the light. Some of the hurdles could be a high closet or cupboard obstructing the light from reaching a corner. 

With these tips in mind, you can easily design a bedroom that is not only reflective of your personal choices and tastes, but also conducive to relaxation and sleep.