Looking For Storage Beds Online? Check These Out.

Andromeda Sheesham Bed with storage

With space constraints and limited storage options, the need of the hour in today’s modern era is to design and adopt favorable and smart picks for storing necessities in a household. The most practical choice for meeting this ever-evolving problem is looking for a durable, sturdy and spacious storage bed design. What makes storage bed designs so popular is the fact that not only do they provide extra space but also add stability to mattresses

So if you have miscellaneous items to store but do not want clutter in your bedroom, the best is to choose the right storage bed that would suffice your dual purpose of storage as well as comfort.

Some of the most appealing storage bed designs available online:

  1. Wakefit Auriga Sheesham bed with storage

This particular storage bed design in Sheesham wood features a minimalist, sleek and stylish design, is high in quality and utility and offers the efficiency of space too. It consists of four sizeable compartments supported by MDF boards and is a perfect blend of form and functionality clubbed under one single furniture piece. 

Auriga Sheesham bed with storage

Design- Such is its design and colour that it blends well with any kind of interior decor including modern, eclectic or vintage. Moreover, it is very simple to dismantle and reassemble, which adds to its value and popularity. 

Material: The material used in its making is Sheesham wood which is known for its durability and easy, hassle-free maintenance. To add on, this wood does not fall easy prey to termites and natural wear and tear. 

Where to buy- Available at their online portal, to buy this wooden bed online, you can easily log on to their website www.wakefit.co, and order one for yourself today. 

Price-This particular Sheesham wood bed is available in king as well as queen-size and is priced at INR 18000 only.  

  1. Wakefit Andromeda Sheesham Bed with storage

Rich golden brown polish and distinctive streaks of warm hues mark the very existence of this finely textured storage bed design. This solid wood bed has been intertwined with grace and lightness and hence can easily be fitted within any interior set up. 

Andromeda Sheesham Bed with storage

Design-This wooden bed design presents a vibrant yet tasteful pick, which is extremely practical to use. Its elegant aesthetics make it highly user-friendly and appealing. The four box storage design provides ample storage space and can be accessed by simply lifting up the MDF support boards. 

Material- The material used to construct this storage bed is Sheesham wood which is easy to maintain. Just wiping it with a soft cloth can make it look new at all times. Moreover, it does not cause natural decay from termites or otherwise. 

Where to buy- Buy this Sheesham wood bed online at www.wakefit.co. Simply log on to their website and punch in your delivery and payment details to own this wonderful, longlasting, attractive wooden bed online. 

Price- The price of this Sheesham wood bed is INR 18,000 only. 

  1. Bolivia storage bed with bedside- This particular wooden bed online presents an epitome of options for storage in a contemporary style along with a fascinating classic look. It has storage options on both sides and is very convenient to access as you do not need to lift the mattress to open its storage area. 

Design- This Sheesham wood bed comes with detailed slotted lines on the footboard and a tufted cushion pattern on the headboard. With ample storage efficiency on both sides, this particular solid wood bed presents a perfect blend of comfort with convenience.

Material- The bed is made out of Sheesham wood in Teak finish which is easy to maintain and clean. It is highly durable, and the design is available in other finishes as well such as Mahogany, Honey and Walnut. 

Where to buy- This storage bed design is available on www.wooden street.com, an online portal to buy quality furniture and mattresses. 

Price- This Sheesham storage bed has been priced at INR 56,000 approximately. 

Closing lines

A storage bed not just offers a peaceful night’s sleep when complemented with a high-quality mattress, it primarily and particularly solves the issue of storing things due to space limitations in today’s modern era lifestyle. What adds to its list of benefits when choosing the right storage bed online is the fact that websites like Wakefit offer a comprehensive range of products to choose from, anytime, anywhere, under one roof. Easy online order placement, safe payment modes and warranty with every purchase add to their popularity, thereby making bed-mattress online buying a child’s play.

So what are you waiting for? Simply browse through the various options available on the Wakefit portal and get answers to all your queries relating to buying a wooden bed online.