How to make your wood bed look stylish: DIY tips.

Sheesham wood bed

The American Sleep Association states that it is important to keep distractions out of your bedroom like television, mobile phone, laptop, etc. These objects can interfere with sleep and leave you feeling tired. The more comfortable and cosy your bedroom, the more you sleep. Another very important thing in the bedroom is a comfortable bed. A comfortable bed relaxes your…

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Four Types of Bed Frames you need to know about!

When picking a bed frame, what characteristics should you be looking for? There are several kinds of bed frames available, and each different from the other on the basis of certain features, such as, the material, the construction, the price, the life span, the size, the weight, and how cumbersome or easy the installation is.  The most popular bed…

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Does thread count matter when choosing a bed sheet?

When getting new sheets, a lot of factors need to be kept in mind. These include, whether you want a flat bed sheet or a fitted one; what material would you like to go for; what size suits you best, etc.  A fourth factor that some people think is very important is the thread count of a bedsheet.  What…

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