Ideal Temperature for Your Bedroom

Sleep Friendly Room

Is there an ideal sleeping temperature for your bedroom? Is there a temperature which is the best temperature to sleep in? Are our sleeping patterns related to the temperature of the room or of our body? In today’s post, we will answer all of these compelling sleep questions, and shine some light on what is the ideal sleeping temperature….

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Feng Shui Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

bedroom colors

Can Feng Shui help you sleep better? Does the placement of your bed affect the quality of your sleep? Do your bedroom colors affect how quickly you sleep and how long you stay asleep? Let us find out in today’s post and give you the ultimate bedroom makeover rules.  Bedroom rules of feng shui Feng shui has all the…

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Turning your bed into the ultimate sleep sanctuary

Like a house needs to be turned into a home. Similarly, a bedroom needs to be transformed into a sleep sanctuary. By just following a few simple tips, you can create a space that fits your sleep needs perfectly. From choosing the right colors to getting rid of clutter, these ideas are easy to emulate and very effective in…

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