The Color of Your Bedroom Walls, According to Your Zodiac.

While there are a number of ways to choose a color for your bedroom walls, the most unique and definitely the most fun way involves zodiac signs. 

In today’s post, we talk about the bedroom wall colors to go for according to your zodiac. 

Zodiac signs and bedroom colors


  • Aries bedroom colors


A sun sign that is known for its leadership skills, an Aries likes their bedroom to be reflective of their personality. 

As a result, they tend to go for fiery and powerful colors in their bedroom, such as, orange and red. The colors keep their spirits high and let them be their confident selves. 


  • Taurus bedroom colors


The Bull prefers a color in their bedrooms which gives a sense of calm, allowing them to collect their thoughts and assimilate the same. 

This makes soft green a go-to color for them. This hue not only symbolizes serenity, but also life and vitality.  


  • Gemini bedroom colors


Gemini needs bedroom walls that spark creativity, and allow the sleeper to stay inspired even when doing nothing (or especially when doing nothing!). 

This makes light shades of yellow a top choice for this sun sign. This color stands for optimism, joy, intellect, and energy, everything that you need to create better. 


  • Cancer bedroom colors


Our bedroom is our most private space, and therefore, it is important it is reflective of this feeling of intimacy and solitude. 

Cancer being the most loving zodiac sign, needs a color that allows them to rejuvenate and replenish their nurturing nature. This makes warm colors like gray or an earthy tone like brown best for their bedroom walls. 


  • Leo bedroom colors


The sun sign that craves attention, needs a color in their room that screams uniqueness. Thus, purple. 

Much like the star itself, this hue is bold, a color associated with regality, which makes it a top choice for their bedroom walls. 


  • Virgo bedroom colors


Virgo is the most practical zodiac that ever was! They bring this part of their nature to their bedroom as well, and are likely to go for the color navy for their walls. 

The hue is sophisticated, modern, and still manages to establish a moodiness– just the kind of mix appreciated by the Virgin!  


  • Libra bedroom colors


Light and soft shades of pink for the Libra. This color is cool and gives a sense of balance to the sun sign always seeking stability and equilibrium. 

This color has a pleasing effect on the sleeper, melting all their worries into a puddle, and thus helping them sleep better. 

  1. Scorpio bedroom colors 

The zodiac sign that is synonymous with passion and intensity, what better color than black!

But black in the bedroom? Though Feng Shui suggests that black is too heavy a color for a bedroom, it can be balanced out by using lighter hues for the bedroom accessories. 

Another idea to rock black in the bedroom is to play with the light. Have a lot of natural light entering your sleep haven through a big glass door. 


  • Sagittarius bedroom colors


This sun sign is known for its thirst for adventure. To complement this, the color that a Sagittarius can consider in their bedroom is the bold shade of burnt ginger. 

The element of fire will fill your room with enthusiasm and energy, the two qualities that a Sag respects post. 


  • Capricorn bedroom colors


A Capricorn, represented by the goat, is ambitious and determined. They put in a lot of hard work into their daily lives, climbing steep mountains and never resting at the summit. Because of this, their priority in the bedroom is rest! 

To ensure relaxation, therefore, the Capricorn has to consider a pleasing and peaceful hue like cream or grey for their bedroom.


  • Aquarius bedroom colors


While an Aquarius has sky as its air sign, it has sea as its mascot. Because of this strange mix, the water bearer can get a peaceful night’s sleep in a room that plays with the elements of both the air and the sea. 

Therefore, the colors an Aquarius should consider putting in their bedroom is teal if they want a space that encourages creativity and freedom.  


  • Pisces bedroom colors


Yours is a water sign, and so, it is recommended that you color your bedroom walls the hues of an ocean. 

Shades of blue that are vibrant, playful, and remind one of the flowing nature of life, are the colors you should have in your sleep haven. These hues will give your room that relaxing vibe that a Pisces needs to thrive in.