The Complete Guide To Choosing The Right Storage Bed

Sheesham wood bed


Beds come in various shapes and sizes. Irrespective of its shape and size, one thing is universal – beds consume a lot of space. With ever-shrinking room sizes, the best way to maximise available room space is by utilising a bed for more than what it is meant for. Just imagine if you had a bed with storage space. Thanks to modern innovation, it is possible to have a spacious and organised room by simply changing the bed.

What Are Storage Beds? 

Storage bed, as the name implies, is a bed that also serves the purpose of storage i.e. a bed with storage. These beds have pockets of spaces, hollowed out within the structure of the furniture to accommodate items. These can be in the form of drawers, boxes, or might be spring-loaded to open a carved out space for storing things. 

Why Use Storage Beds? 

Beds with storage help in the proper organisation of space. There is a lot of unused space under an ordinary bed. Storage beds reduce the space left unused and sometimes utilise the space underneath, in between its legs, which serves two purposes. Firstly, it gives a better utilisation of space. Secondly, it covers the floor and hence keeps the room clean, as cleaning under the bed can be tricky and challenging. 

Types Of Storage Beds 

Storage beds can be categorized as follows: 

a. Divan Bed 

A divan bed has a two-part base joined by a bracket. They have drawers, under the base that sit on gliders or castors. The drawers provide under-bed storage, making the room look tidier. Unlike ordinary beds, the materials stored under the bed are not visible to everyone unless we open the drawers. This type of bed solves the issue of space and helps to organise things in separate drawers. The advantage of a divan bed over the ottoman bed is, we can remove stored material without getting out of bed. These beds, when on wheels, can be moved from one place to another.

1. Ottoman Bed 

Ottoman beds have single storage. They possess a spring-loaded mechanism that lifts the mattress, revealing a vast space for storing things. Ottoman beds lie directly on the floor. The advantages of Ottoman beds are that they are the most space-conserving beds, able to store up to four times that of a divan bed. The ottoman bed is also suitable for people using it extensively for storage and removing or adding things in its storage vault since it is spring-loaded. We do not need to hold the mattress or bend over or sit down to search for items.

2. Mid-sleeper Beds 

Generally, children use mid-sleeper beds. Mid-sleeper beds have an elevated bed with the base raised due to longer bed legs. Traditionally, the beds have a ladder to climb to the bed and have storage underneath the bed. These may either be desks, bookcases, or anything custom made for the children. 

What We Need To See When Choosing A Storage Bed 

While buying a storage bed, one must be careful. You must check the following things before buying a storage bed:

a. Material

Storage beds can either be wooden or leather beds. Leather beds are aesthetically more pleasing but require more maintenance. Wooden beds might not look very trendy, but they are long-lasting and require less maintenance. 

b. Size Of Bed 

Decide the size of the bed, taking into consideration the following aspects: 

  1. Your bedroom size 
  2. The number of people sleeping
  3. The body type of the people using the bed

c. Storage Capacity 

If you need to store minimal items, divan beds with drawers will do the job. However, if you need to store items in bulk, go for ottoman beds. 

d. Ease Of Use 

Make sure to choose a bed type that suits you. While Ottoman beds provide a lot of space for storage, it is difficult to segregate items. Divan beds are not suitable for repeated removal and addition of items from the storage space since we need to sit down while searching for items and peek into the opening for non-sliding drawers. 

e. Design 

The design or style of the furniture is a choice you need to make according to your desire. 

f. Warranty 

Choose beds that offer a warranty since they are usually of better quality. If something goes wrong, you will still have a warranty cover. 

g. Budget 

Keep your budget in mind while buying a storage bed. Some of the beds can be very expensive with respect to your needs.

Maintenance Of Storage Beds 

Hinges, spring loading mechanism, and tacks might undergo cyclic load. Over time, the storage mechanism might need repairs. Follow these rules to keep your bed in better condition over time: 

a. Oil The Hardware 

Oil the storage mechanism at regular intervals, which will prevent rust and promote smoother functioning of the storage mechanism. 

b. Protect The Surface 

Protect the surface from scratches, which might be caused by sharp objects. 

c. Polish The Wood 

Polishing the wood in wooden storage beds as well as repainting and retouching on areas that have got scratched can keep the storage beds looking brand new. 


We spend a sizable chunk of our life in bed, be it lying down, sleeping, or performing other activities. The other thing that we do throughout our life is collecting. Storage beds bring together both of our desires under one bed. Before buying a storage bed, we should analyze various factors. Maintenance of storage beds makes them long-lasting. For more information on storage beds, click on this link.