Three Things you Need for the Ideal Sleep Environment

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Trying to improve your sleep hygiene? Trying to build a better sleep environment by investing in all that is required for a sleep friendly room? Your search has ended! In today’s post, we will tell you all that you need to know about creating the most peaceful sleep environment that cultivates relaxation, busts stress, and helps you to get the necessary eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. Are you ready to dive in? Let us do this! 

Three things you need for the ideal sleep environment

What are the three things you absolutely need to invest in and cannot do without when creating the ultimate sleep environment? Let us find out.

  • Right bedroom color 

When thinking about designing a better sleep environment it is very important to pay attention to the bedroom colors. According to sleep experts around the world, people should go for lighter colors and shades in the bedroom, hues that promote sleep. Therefore, they suggest colors like the lightest shades of green, blue, purple and pink. Colors, such as brown, or red, or black, should be avoided at all costs. Even ancient art of feng shui believes that coloring the bedroom walls in light, tranquil colors promotes relaxation, and thus improves sleep.   

  • A comfortable mattress 

A mattress that supports you right and gives you the most comfortable sleeping experience is definitely the most important investment for an ideal sleep environment. But which mattress should you choose? According to us, the right mattress for the perfect sleep haven is the memory foam mattress. A sleep friendly room must have a memory foam mattress because of a number of reasons. First of all, the factor that needs the maximum amount of attention is a memory foam mattress’ ability to ensure that the spine of the sleeper is offered a natural alignment. How does a memory foam mattress ensure that the sleeper’s spine is not bent in any unnatural way? It does so by providing two other important factors. One, body conformity. A memory foam mattress adapts to the sleeper’s body shape so well that the sleeper gets the most snuggly sleep experience ever. Two, the mattress distributes the body weight of the sleeper such that the heavier parts get more support while the lighter, softer parts of the sleeper’s body get just the right amount of firmness. By performing these two roles, the memory foam mattress ensures that the sleeper’s spine is not bent in an uncomfortable way. 

The advantages of a memory foam mattress does not end there. The mattress is also hypoallergenic. It ensures that no dust accumulates on its surface or is absorbed by its layers. This is a very important feature that you absolutely cannot do without in a mattress. To create a better sleep environment, you need to be particularly careful that the mattress you buy is hypoallergenic. You might also want to invest in a mattress protector to further improve your memory foam mattress’ hygiene and freshness levels. Make sure the protector is waterproof and can be washed as and when needed. 

The next factor when choosing a mattress keeping sleep hygiene in mind is that the mattress should be able to offer temperature control. Make sure that your memory foam mattress has either an open cell structure or gel memory foam layer or cooling crystals incorporated into its design to offer temperature neutrality to its sleepers. A traditional memory foam mattress was criticized heavily for not being able to offer heat ventilation to the sleepers. To avoid overheating, new mattress brands make sure that their mattresses have some technology in place to give heat circulation in order to allow the sleeper to sleep comfortably even in the hottest of months. 

  • The right lighting 

The right lighting in the bedroom is something that most people ignore when designing their bedrooms. Having bright lights on through the entire time, especially after sunset is bound to disturb your sleep by tricking your brain into thinking that it is still day time. A smart way to deal with this is to invest in ambient lights that prepare you for sleep. 

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