Tips to Make Your Room Sleep-Friendly

Bedroom design

There is enough evidence that shows the importance of a good night’s sleep. Apart from the proverbial beauty ritual, it also keeps several ailments at bay. An 8-hour bedtime can energize you to tackle the new day with a renewed vigor. However, there are times when an individual cannot get a good long sleep despite their best efforts.

Do you belong to the same category? Does a good night’s sleep evade on most nights? Are you frequently tossing and turning in the night with no signs of sleep? If yes, you may need to change your sleeping environment to make it more comfortable and cosy.

Here are a few tips that will make your bedroom more conducive for sound sleep.

Declutter Your Bedroom

A lot of people use their bedrooms as a make-shift gym, library, or office. To enjoy a good sleep, you may have to change the way you look at your bedroom. Consider it as a sacred place that you only use to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Move your treadmill and office out to another room. This will help in relaxing your brain when you step into the bedroom. Having these distractions, on the other hand, will only make your brain more active and perhaps anxious. If possible, remove the TV unit also, as a TV in your bedroom will make it too easy to catch on entertaining shows before you go to sleep. Due to this, your brain may remain active for a long time when you hit the sack. 

Make Your Bedroom Dark

The light emanating from lamps, electronics and night-lights can send the wrong signals to your brain — light signals wakefulness by reducing the melatonin levels in your body. Melatonin is the hormone that regulates your daily wake-sleep cycles. When you step into your room to sleep, make sure you are not disturbed by any kind of light. You can use blinds or heavy curtains to block the light coming from outside. Another useful tip is to put your cellphone upside down; it will help in preventing the light from notifications of emails and messages. 

Cut the Noise

One of the main reasons for not getting proper sleep is noise. It could be the noise coming from the next room or the sound of traffic from outside. Although you can’t do much about it in some cases, consider soundproof windows to create a sound barrier. Another tip is to use a sound machine for soothing tones that promote sleep.

Try Aromatherapy

If you have been to a spa, you most likely know how aromatherapy can relax your senses and calm your mind. You can replicate the same environment in your room by lighting candles or using oil diffusers.  Lavender and vanilla are the best-known smells for inducing sleep. Moreover, aromatherapy will help in setting a routine, as your brain will start associating these smells with sleep after prolonged use.

Change Your Mattress

Needless to say, you must have a comfortable bed if you want to enjoy a good night’s sleep. If you are waking with stiffness in your body, it is time to change your mattress. You can also check for any lumps or holes in your mattress and pillows; any sign of these is a clear indication that it is time to get a new mattress. You can click here to check Wakefit mattresses that have been scientifically designed to give more comfort, promote sleep, and reduce aches and pains. 

Bedroom Color

If you have bright or dark colors in your bedroom, it may be the right time to redo your bedroom color. To make your room more tranquil and relaxing, you must select a soothing bedroom color. For instance, blue, yellow, and green consist of a variety of lighter hues that can do away with disrupted sleep, and are thus ideal for your bedroom color.

After a long day, everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. With these easy tips and moderate exercise, you can get your sleep back on track.