Turn Your Boring Bedroom into a Sleeper’s Paradise

Bedroom Design

Do you want to transform your bedroom? Are you tired of the décor or the paints used in your bedroom, and want to give it a fun makeover?

If your answer to both the questions is yes, then you have found your way to the right article. 

In today’s post, we will be discussing all ways to strip your bedroom of the boring things it harbors, and introduce happy and fun things into your sleep space. 

Ways to transform your bedroom into a fun one 

A good mattress 

No matter how fancy your bedroom is, if it does not have the right bedding material, it is not helping you. 

A mattress is an investment since they are usually expensive and are meant to last a long time. Considering both these factors, invest in a memory foam mattress. These mattresses are durable. They not only last a long time, but also maintain all their features till the end. 

Among the numerous brilliant features of a memory foam mattress is its ability to conform to the sleeper’s body shape. By adapting to the sleeper’s body and distributing their body weight uniformly, the mattress ensures that no pressure points are created in the sleeper’s neck, shoulders, and hips. Also, the mattress prevents blood clots and feeling of restlessness in the sleeper. 

A memory foam mattress nowadays incorporates one or the other cooling technology to ensure the sleeper does not sleep hot. Through gel layer, open cell technology, or cooling crystals, memory foam mattress brands enable their mattresses to absorb the body heat of the sleeper and circulate it through the mattress instead of trapping it. This way the sleeper sleeps without feeling uncomfortable due to heat. 

Use the headboard well 

You can transform your boring bedroom into everyone’s envy by getting a striking headboard that catches everyone’s attention. 

Think upholstered headboards or DIY headboards, ideas for which you can easily access over the internet. The DIY project could also become a great way for you and your partner or your children to bond over something while creating the most striking object of the bedroom which ups the cool quotient of your bedroom by several notches. 

A bedroom garden 

If you are a plant enthusiast, then this suggestion will appeal to you more. Use your window sills to create an indoor garden. Get houseplants that require no or minimum care. These plants will add the necessary color and contrast to your room. Also, it gives your bedroom a fresh and lively vibe, something that is necessary in a room where you rest. 

Also, you can go for plants that are known to purify the air around them. These can act as cheaper but more effective bedroom air purifiers and fresheners. 

Throw in some colorful pillows 

If you want some instant results when livening up your bedroom, then rely on colorful pillows. 

You can either go for solid colors or patterns such as intricate mandalas or prints of flowers, fruits, or boxes. Contrast works well too. So you can have red pillows and a blue bedcover to give your bedroom that distinct look it deserves. 

Focus on the lighting 

Three types of lightings need to be taken care of – basic lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. To ensure the basic lighting is not too bright, you can consider investing in some dimmer switches. This will ensure that the basic lighting does not spoil the general ambience of the room. 

Also, try to allow in as much natural light into the room as is possible. This counts as basic lighting

For accent lighting or mood lighting, try fairy lights or candles. You can even go for up lighters to calm the mood in the bedroom. For task lighting over dressing tables, in front of the closets, reading corners, etc. rely on bedside lamps, spot lights, and study lamps. Floor lamps can also be used to guide you through the room without switching on the basic lights. 

With all these tips in your arsenal, you are now completely prepared to turn your boring bedroom into a sleeper’s dream come true. 

Are there any points that we missed? Would you like to add tips of your own? Write to us and share.