Turning your bed into the ultimate sleep sanctuary

Like a house needs to be turned into a home. Similarly, a bedroom needs to be transformed into a sleep sanctuary.

By just following a few simple tips, you can create a space that fits your sleep needs perfectly.

From choosing the right colors to getting rid of clutter, these ideas are easy to emulate and very effective in inducing sleep.

Building a sleep haven

  • Avoid warm colors

For your bedroom, experts suggest that you should dodge warm colors.

Warm colors tend to increase blood pressure and fasten the heartbeat. Because of this they work well in rooms where physical activities take place.

Having cooler colors in the bedroom will help engender sleep as they promote a sense of rest and peace.

A good bedroom color could be cooler pastel shades of blue, green, yellow, and orange.

  • Make sure the sheets are fresh

Nothing screams sleep more than fresh bed sheets.

Your sleep sanctuary should always have clean bed sheets in order to maintain the overall cleanliness of the bedding.

Tidy and clean sheets make you want to jump into bed immediately. To that end, try investing in fitted bed sheets. These sheets come with elastic sewn at the edges or along all four sides of the bed sheet.

As a result, tucking them in becomes an easy-peasy job. And once you have tucked the sheet, it remains that way maintaining the smooth surface on top.

If you still want to buy a flat sheet too, then you can use that to cover the fitted sheet. As a top sheet, a flat bed sheet can also be used to cover the blanket to maintain its freshness.

  • Try essential oil for sleep

If you want your bedroom to be as fresh as the bed sheet, then use essential oils as room fresheners.

Also, certain essential oils induce sleep, such as lavender oil, valerian oil, clary sage oil, etc.

Some essential oils have healing properties too. For example, peppermint and olive oil help with snoring and sleep apnea, while chamomile and lavender are good for baby sleep.

  • Invest in the right mattress

What is a right mattress? What qualities should you be looking for when buying a mattress for yourself?

Some properties that should not be overlooked are –

– The firmness of the mattress

It should not be too hard, pushing your body on top and making you uncomfortable in your sleep.

But again, it should not be so soft that your body sinks into it during sleep making you feel like you are stuck in your bed.

A medium-firm mattress is the best choice.

– The material used

There are so many types of mattresses out there. We have memory foam mattresses, spring mattresses, coir mattresses, and others.

What makes memory foam a top choice among customers is that it allows body contouring. It adapts to the body shape of the sleeper, thus making sure the pressure points like the shoulders, hips and neck don’t ache.

Memory foam mattresses also distribute the body weight of the sleeper uniformly so that there are no blood clots or feeling of restless caused.

The other properties of memory foam that make it the best choice for you to transform your bedroom into a sleep haven is the temperature neutrality it offers by incorporating a cooling technology in its design. As a result, the sleeper sleeps cool through the night.

– Motion isolation

Motion isolation is another feature you cannot ignore. Memory foam mattresses make sure that when one sleeper moves or turns, the motion is absorbed by the mattress and then isolated so that the other sleeper is not jostled out of sleep.

  • Where do you place the mirrors?

While mirrors work as a great optical illusion that makes a room look bigger than its actual size, the problem with them is that they bring in light and turn the space into an active one.

So if possible, have mirrors in the closet or somewhere where you can cover it with a curtain. For example, if you have a big mirror opposite a window (makes the room look bigger), then cover the mirror too at night along with the window.

These are just a few sleep tips to make sure your room turns into a sleeper’s paradise. If you have some more ideas, then feel free to write them down in the comment section.