What Bedsheets to Buy for Winter


Winter is here. It is quite likely that you’ve already bought new pairs of boots, trending scarves, and cozy sweaters for yourself and your family. But have you prepared your bed for the winter? Apart from taking out the duvet, blankets, and comforters out of storage, it is time to get a new bedsheet! Yes, you read that right! It is now time to invest in bed sheets for winter. 

Bedsheets for winter 

Chilly nights call for bed sheets that keep you warm and snug. From soft flannel sheets and down comforters, to fleece winter sheets, we have covered it all for you. 

  • Flannel sheets 

If you are imagining flannel sheets to be uncomfortable, stuffy, and stiff, then you should know that these sheets have come a long way. Today’s flannel sheets are snug and cozy. They will keep you warm and comfortable, instead of making you feel like you stuck somewhere. You can consider wool flannels or cotton, depending on what feels more comfortable to you.

In case you are worried about keeping your flannel sheets clean, then you should know that maintaining the freshness of these sheets is as easy as taking care of cotton bed sheets. Flannel sheets like cotton one can be easily washed using hot or cold water. Expect no shrinkage. 

Another advantage of flannel sheets is that they don’t wrinkle up. They look ironed and tidy always. This enhances the overall look of your bedroom. 

  • Wool mattress pad 

You must have heard of mattress toppers which enhance the support and comfort of a mattress. For winters, you can invest in a wool mattress pad instead. These pads are hypoallergenic, which means they keep dust mites, molds, and microbes away from the bed. Thus, people with sensitive skin, eyes, asthma, breathing issues, or those who tend to catch a cold easily, can use this pad to sleep more comfortably during winter. 

In case you are wondering why you need a mattress pad, then here are a few of its advantages that are likely to convince you. 

  • A mattress pad or topper allows you to instantly improve the support quotient of your mattress. In situations where your mattress is sagging, but it is still fairly new, and therefore you don’t want to invest in a new one, you can instead buy a mattress topper. This will, in an instant, up the comfort offered by your mattress without making you spend a fortune for it. 
  • This pad also helps in situations where two people are sharing a bed, and one prefers greater firmness than the other. By using a pad on one side of the bed, you can easily solve the problem instead of buying two mattresses. 
  • In situations where one sleeper has gained weight too, a mattress pad or topper comes in handy. For example, when someone is expecting and their body needs more firmness. This is a temporary situation, and a temporary solution to it could a mattress pad.
  • Featherbeds 

If the two options discussed above don’t seem enticing to you, then you might want to try featherbeds. As the name suggests, a featherbed is made of feathers. Today, however, apart from being made of feathers, a featherbed may also be made of polyester, a combination of different kinds of feathers, or down etc. 

A featherbed is traditionally four inches thick. This means that even if you have a hard mattress, using a featherbed as bed sheet in winter will turn your mattress into a soft and comfy one. 

Nothing tops the feeling of sleeping on a featherbed in winter months. Also, they can be easily washed at home so you need not worry about maintenance. Since they are easy to keep clean, the overall hygiene and freshness of the mattress is maintained. This is particularly important for people with sensitive skin or eyes or people with allergies. 

It is that time of the year to change everything to suit the season. Make sure your bed is not left out. These are the months of rest, and therefore, ensure that your bed is prepped well to help you sleep better and be healthier.