What is a mattress topper and do you need one?

Are mattress toppers and mattress protectors the same thing? Absolutely not. We are starting the post with this because most people make this mistake of confusing a mattress topper with a mattress protector. 

While mattress protectors safeguard your mattress from spills (hence the name), mattress toppers, on the other hand, provide an extra layer of comfort. Another key difference is their price. While mattress protectors are relatively cheap, mattress toppers can be very expensive depending on thickness and quality. 

Now that we know what a mattress topper is, we should look at why we need them. 

Why does one need a mattress topper? 

  • You feel you just got a brand new mattress

Without spending a fortune on a new mattress, you can get the feel of one by buying a mattress topper. 

If your old mattress has lost its firmness and does not feel as comfortable it once was, but you don’t get rid of it because it isn’t that old or you don’t have that kind of money to get a new one, then voila, get a mattress topper. 

  • It gives you the comfort you need 

Imagine you are not liking the level of comfort or support your mattress is giving you. In a situation like that, getting a topper, say a memory foam mattress topper, can help you solve the problem without buying a new mattress.  

Sometimes in cases where a sleeper gains a lot of weight or loses a lot of weight, the old mattress’ support may start becoming inadequate. In such cases, a mattress topper comes in handy. 

  • It can be a savior when two people are using the bed 

In case you and your partner prefer different levels of comfort and support, using a mattress protector can be of great help. If you like the firmness that your mattress offers, but your partner would like something firmer, then add a memory foam mattress topper to their side of the bed.  

Types of mattress toppers 

When choosing a mattress topper, the first thing you need to be sure about is the material. You can go for cotton, wool, memory foam, or latex, it depends what your individual requirements are. Let us look at these materials and how comfortable they are, one by one. 

  • Cotton 

Point number one, you can wash a cotton mattress topper. So both boxes of cleanliness and hygiene are ticked. 

Second, this fabric is breathable, and therefore, will not trap heat. As a result, if you are someone who gets really warm at night, then this would be the right choice for you. 

Another great thing about cotton mattress toppers is how soothing the material is. So if you have sensitive skin or you develop allergies and rashes quickly, then this should be your mattress topper. 

  • Wool 

Did you know wool makes a great mattress topper because it absorbs the latent body heat of the sleeper and helps them sleep comfortably through the night? 

A wool mattress topper lasts a lifetime, so that’s another big advantage. 

The third advantage that wool mattress toppers have over other choices is that they are anti dust. They keep both dust and molds at bay. 

When it comes to price, wool is very expensive. 

  • Latex

Extremely durable, a latex mattress topper too keeps dust mites away from your bed. 

The problem with latex is, however, from the point of view of aesthetics. These tend to worn out and might tear here and there. If you can add a bedsheet on top and look past this, then latex is a good buy.

  • Memory foam 

Modern sleepers have chosen their favorite, and it is memory foam. 

There are several reasons why memory foam mattress toppers are preferred over other traditional options. 

One, these adapt to the body shape of the sleeper, thus ensuring their pressure points such as the neck, shoulders and hips don’t feel any pressure through the night, and therefore experience no pain in the morning. 

Two, these offer great support. The memory foam mattress topper ensures that the sleeper’s spine is not bent in any unnatural way during sleep. This not only alleviates back pain, but also helps improve the sleeper’s posture over a period of time. 

The only thing you need to make sure when purchasing a memory foam mattress topper is to see it has some cooling technology incorporated into its design so that it does not get heated up at night and allows you to sleep cool instead. 

Are you currently using a mattress topper? How has your experience been so far?