What is the best way to measure your bed for your new mattress?


Are you planning to get a new mattress? Do you need help with bed dimensions?

I remember the first time I bought a mattress. I just went to the shop and picked one that I thought looked the best. When they asked me for measurements, only then it hit me that I needed to learn a new skill now: Measuring the bed!
During those days, we didn’t google everything, and so, I actually had to ask my dad to help me figure out this whole thing! Turns out, it is pretty simple and in this guide, I have made it even more simpler for you.
This post is a comprehensive guide on bed sizes, one that will answer all your questions and make you a pro by the end of it.
If you are choosing from standard mattress sizes, then you must know that these sizes include twin, full, queen, and king sizes. The thumb rule when opting for a standard mattress size is to go for one that is at least 10 cm longer than the tallest sleeper.

Let us now look at the steps to follow when measuring the bed to get the right mattress for it!

  1. First, strip your bed of all beddings to get the accurate size.
  2. You will need a retractable measuring tape. Ask someone to hold the measuring tape in case it does not lock into place.
  3. Keep a pen and paper handy to write down the measurements.
  4. Now place one end of the tape at the left corner of your bed. Measure the width, that is, pull the tape to reach the right edge of the bed. Note down the measurement.
  5. Then place the retractable tape at the middle top of your bed and extend it till the middle bottom. This will give you the length measurement.
  6. The length and width measurement will help you determine your bed size or which standard bed size to go for.

How to know which standard bed size suits you?

  • Twin size bed dimensions

Twin-size beds are usually 36 inches wide, while a narrow twin bed is 30 inches wide. The standard length of this bed will be around 70 – 75 inches.

  • Full size bed dimensions

A full size bed is 48 inches wide. The length will be around 70 – 75 inches. The full size bed is also called a “double” bed. The double bed size can fit two people, while the twin size only fits one.

  • Queen size bed dimensions

A queen size bed is 60 inches wide, and its length will be around 70 -75 inches. A California queen size bed is 84 inches long.

Queen size beds can fit two adults very comfortably.

  • King size bed dimensions

A king size bed is 72-75 inches wide and typically 80 inches long.

Now you can stop worrying about ordering the wrong mattress size for you bed. With this post, you can now easily determine your bed size. Also, if you are choosing from standard bed sizes, you will know if what you need is a twin, double, queen, or king size. However, we suggest that you measure your bed before you order your mattress so that you don’t make a mistake.

Was this helpful? Where you able to easily measure your mattress and then order accordingly? Let us know in the comments!

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