What woods are best for your bed?

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping. Therefore, we owe it to ourselves that we buy a comfortable and long-lasting bed. 

A bed isn’t only a bedroom accessory. So while intricate designs on the head board and foot board is beautiful, just that won’t do. The bed must provide good support to the mattress, thus, playing its part in ensuring good sleep.

In this guide, we talk about the best wood for bed. Note that new bed designs include beds made from metal, upholstered frames, and other materials too. But we will be focusing entirely on wooden beds.  

But first up: 

Why wood? 

There are a number of reasons as to why wood beds are the best beds. Let us discuss the main three: 

  • It lasts longer than other options 

One of the main reasons why wood is used to build furniture is its durability. 

It is robust, and therefore, will last for years. Since it provides such a great guarantee, people are more inclined to go for a bed made of wood, compared to other alternatives. 

The support the bed provides along with its sturdiness gives the customers the value for their money. 

  • It is versatile 

The second factor which makes wood such a brilliant option for building beds is its versatile nature. 

The designs vary so greatly that wood can accommodate such a variety of choices. From the simplest designs to the most ornate ones, wood has everything to offer its customers. 

Since there are different kinds of wood, you can also pick what color or combination of colors you want for your bedroom. 

In case you didn’t know this, wood can be stained or bleached to get you the most unique color for your bed. 

  • It is low maintenance 

If you have a wooden bed, then that means you don’t have to worry about rust. Isn’t that the best thing! 

All you need to clean a wooden bed is a damp cloth and a detergent that is not too harsh. 

Usually wooden beds are coated with varnish, this further protects the bed against allergens. It also makes your bed look as new as it did on the first night! 

Best kinds of wood for your bed:

  • Oak 

What makes oak a good choice is its hard-wearing and sturdy quality. There are two types of oak – red oak and white oak.

Oak beds are strong, heavy and lasts for generations! It is also resistant to insects, which adds to its durability. 

  • Sheesham or Indian Rosewood 

If you want a bed that is sturdy, but as easy to assemble as a metal bed, then go for sheesham wood bed. 

For those looking for wooden beds online, sheesham beds are a popular choice. These beds last for years and have a natural resistance to decay and termites. 

It is not only tough and durable; the beds look very classy when polished and can work as a center piece of your bedroom! 

  • Cherry 

Cherry wood is beautiful and yet, long-lasting. The colors of cherry wood range from light to dark brown. We personally love the warm red shade. 

A bed made of cherry wood complements a modern bedroom the best. 

  • Maple 

Maple is usually dense, durable, and strong. Its pale hue easily accepts paint, and so if you are not happy with the creamy, light brown color, you can paint the bed to a color of your choice. 

Maple wood beds are heavy and durable. 

  • Mahogany 

Linked with elegance and luxury, mahogany is a traditional favorite. The color of mahogany ranges from medium brown to deep red brown. 

Mahogany is one of the strongest hardwoods used to make beds. The wood has terrific carving qualities. However, be warned that it is extremely expensive. 

  • Walnut 

If you are looking for durable and strong, trust walnut wood beds. Walnut was, in earlier days, used to make veneers. However, today, it is a popular choice for beds. 

The intricate carving possible with walnut wood makes it a favorite among customers. The wood transforms your bed into a piece of art, and upgrades the look of your bedroom in no time. 

Again, like mahogany, walnut wood is pretty costly.  

  • Teak 

Teak is not only durable and sturdy, but also gorgeous. The wood is getting rarer with time. The colors teak comes in ranges from golden yellow to dark brown. 

Teak wood beds are resistant to weather changes. This is what makes it a good choice for outdoor furniture. But they also make excellently strong and gorgeous beds. 

This guide tries to help you find the best wood for your bed by talking about various wood beds and their unique qualities.