Where Can I Buy a Mattress Online?

mattress online

Do you want to buy mattress and bed online but don’t know how to? Are you concerned about getting duped into buying the wrong mattress, or worse ending up at a fraud website? Don’t worry, we have you sorted. We will tell you about some of the leading bed and mattress brands and guide you to their official websites where you purchase the products.

Before we get into that, let us discuss why buying your mattress and bed online is a good idea. 

Why buy a mattress online?

The reasons why one should buy a mattress online include, 

  1. Online purchase means you can research more 

You have the luxury of time, which translates to you being able to take it easy. You can check various websites to see if the features are worth it. You can read informative articles, like this one, which will guide about the warranty, durability, the pros and cons of each mattress type and various brands from the luxury of your home or office or wherever you are. You can check out various mattress sizes and dimensions without leaving your desk! 

At the shop, contrarily, you will have to make a quick decision, and you will have to rely on the salesperson to tell you about the mattress’ features and the rest. They will obviously try to sell their products to you, and in that effort, will not be completely truthful. 

2. Customer service is better 

When you purchase your mattress online, you can expect the customer service to be far superior compared to what you receive at the store. You will be treated the way you deserve to be treated: like a boss! There will be no dilly dallying or dodging of any kind. Whatever your questions, you will get necessary answers and information that will help you make a good choice for yourself. Also, when it comes to repairs or refunds, customer service of online brands is far superior because the market is more competitive.

3. Less expensive 

From giving several discount offers to providing various exciting deals every now and then, online brands help you buy your mattresses and beds at a way cheaper price compared to what you pay at the stores. Also, since you are getting the products directly from the factory, they will be cheaper anyway. So you get the same quality products at a lower rate and with discounts, sounds like a great deal to us!

Here are some of the top online mattress brands and a link to where you can buy their products:


Wakefit is popular among customers for its mattresses and its beds. Its orthopedic memory foam mattress is a best-selling product. Sleepers love it for its body contouring and body weight distribution properties. It is a medium-firm mattress that prevents pressure points and keeps the spine naturally aligned. Apart from this, the other product which is a hit is the Dual Comfort Mattress that offers two different firmness to the sleeper. While one side is medium soft, the other side is medium firm. According to your sleep requirements, you can choose which side to t 1go for. Wakefit also has three sturdy and durable Sheesham beds that further improve the support and firmness of the mattresses. 

To purchase the products, you can visit here.

2. SleepyCat 

SleepyCat with its gel memory foam mattress is another top pick. The mattress offers great temperature control and heat ventilation. It also gives motion isolation and claims to help with backaches and joint pains. The mattress is hypoallergenic, so you need not worry about anything. The brand only offers two mattress products which you can purchase here

3. WinknNod

Next on our list is  WinknNod with four mattresses, Jeeva, Lumbar, Lounge, and Emperia. The customers love the mattresses for their comfort as well as the support they provide the sleeper’s body without creating pressure points or bending the spine in any unnatural way. These mattresses come with a good warranty too. You can purchase them here

If it is the first time you are buying a mattress online, let us know what your inhibitions are, and we will guide you to overcome those and buy the perfect mattress for yourself.